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ERBAB Language Service

About Us 

Erbab Language Services is an individual enterprise that has been providing translation and editing services to its customers since it was founded in 2020. Despite all the difficulties of 2020, our company has gained experience in various fields with its professional translators in a short time.


Our company, which priority is customer satisfaction, contributes to the sector with the firm steps taken in translation with the principles of reliability and accuracy, which are most important in translation service. Our translation team consists of translators with an academic background and excellent language skills in the languages ​​we serve. In the selection of translators, we prefer translators acting in line with business ethics and translation rules, as well as reflecting the knowledge they have acquired in their academic education to their work.


In a world that is currently developing very quickly, as Erbab Language Services, we strive to design our services quickly and effectively by using technology and incorporating innovations. The increase in the number of international cooperation, which is the advantage of the globalizing world, brings the translation sector into a more important position day by day. Due to this, the aim of our company is to carry out services at a level that will make its quality and success noticeable.

We are always pleased to welcome our customers who want to visit us in our office located in Beyoğlu, İstiklal Caddesi, İmam Adnan Sokak.