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ERBAB Language Service


Academic Translation

These are the translations that include articles, theses, reports and scientific studies where the scientific language is at the forefront. In academic translations, the language and discipline of the academic text should be mastered, and the terms should be conveyed correctly.

Literary Translations

Translations of texts that contain emotions, thoughts and subjective judgments. Texts such as stories, novels, poems and essays considered to be this type of translation. Literary works are among the types of translation that are not easy due to the cultural features they contain. Umberto Eco mentions that translation is always an exchange between two cultures, not between two languages. When it comes to the translation of literary work, the decisions of the translator affect the whole work.

Technical Translation
These are the translations that cover technical topics in fields such as medicine, electronics, and automotive. Generally, a plain language is used. Computer aided translation (CAT) programs are very useful for technical translations. Texts such as documents containing mechanical information, manuals, brochures and translations in the field of informatics are included in this category.


Medical Translation

Medical translation, which is one of the types of translation, is a very broad field. It includes documents such as hospital reports, medical research texts, prescriptions, prospectuses, test results, health documents and epicrisis reports. Translation in this field, which is extremely important for human life requires expert knowledge, correct use of terminology and experience.

Legal Translation

There are numerous legal texts related to various topics, for this reason the need for translations from the field of law is considerably high. Documents such as court orders, regulations, contracts, power of attorney, etc. are referred to as legal translations. The language of the texts related to law are very formal and far removed from everyday language. Therefore, correctly performing legal translations requires attention, professional terminology and experiences. In addition, it is necessary to have information about the socio-cultural aspects and legal systems of the countries of the translated languages.

Official Translation

These are the translations of official written texts such as documents and papers that we encounter in daily life and in business life. It is important that the documents are created by a sworn translator. As an example, we can list a variety of official documents such as ID card, passport, apostille, licence, bank documents, declaration of consent and application. The language of the official translations must be understandable. In addition, cultural knowledge about the countries of the languages to be translated plays a particularly important role.

Commercial Translation

Commercial translations are widespread and important due to reasons such as the superiority of companies in the global world and their constant business with each other and providing services to other countries. These texts should contain short, simple and clear expressions. Texts such as business correspondence, reports, company accounts and statements are included in this category.


It is a translation method that is particularly used in digital media such as games and websites. The localization takes place on a product or an application through cultural adaptation of the language. Işın Bengi Öner defines localization as the provision of software and web products for the relevant target group or the target language. In other words, in localization the transfer from original text to target text should be made in accordance with the culture and language norms.


For this type of translation, we can briefly say that it is a cultural transfer of a text from one language to another in a verbal way. You can see interpreting in every field, which seems easy in practice but actually requires professionalism. There are different types of interpreting such as simultaneous, consecutive, telephone and whisper. The places where interpreters are often needed are conferences, courts, hospitals, land registries, and notaries' offices. 


This is a transfer of the spoken language of a video or sound recording into text. After the audio file is transcribed, the text is revised and made ready for translation. It is a service mainly used for film, television series, conference, presentation and meeting recording.